Jun 4, 2013


Have you ever wanted to use the internet without any of your own private, personally identifying details made publicly available?

Then you need to read this important information on StrongVPN right now for your protection!


Here's How What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

The problem you have right now (whether you know it yet or not) is your privacy is being violated online EVERY DAY.
In fact, each time you go online to use the internet, your IP address and ISP (internet service provider) is publicly available to ANYONE who wants it.

When the wrong people get this information, they know your location, your billing address and can use this to find all kinds of information about you on top of knowing which sites you visit and what you do on those sites.

Sometimes, it's as simple as a company's marketing department using high tech commercial software to track where each of their visitors are coming from, what pages on their website they visit, how long they stay there and much more.
They even have eye tracking software that shows them where you literally "look at" on a website and use sophisticated heat map technology to see what grabs your attention on any webpage you visit.

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Scared Yet? You Should Be!

I mean, who wants some anonymous "entity" monitoring them every time they go online? I know I don't -- especially after I've had my security violated in the past.
If the wrong personal details about you haven’t found its way into the WRONG HANDS yet, it's only a matter of time before you experience what seem to happen to EVERYONE who doesn't use VPN software.

I don't mean to suggest you should live in fear of common attacks from hackers, identity thieves and other bad guys who mean you harm, but it is important for you to have a healthy awareness about the dangers of using the internet with your location, name, address and personal details "naked" without the extra layer of security and protection VPN software like StrongVPN provides you.

Sure, you can always call your credit card companies and report fraud or identity theft.
But that's only effective if you catch it in time. Besides, who wants to go through all that time-consuming hassle in the first place?
Especially when you don't have to, right?

Watch our video review of the VPN software "StrongVPN" here:

So What Is StrongVPN and Why Is It Better Than a Free Proxy?

Well, now that you know the big problem Strong VPN solves, let's take a closer look at Strong VPN itself...

StrongVPN is a "virtual private network" service that solves the problems caused by lack of online privacy.
In case you're wondering, a virtual private network is a private group that uses the internet to rout connections from its private network to users who are connected to the VPN software remotely.

Unlike a browser-based free proxy, the VPN software not only changes your IP address, but runs all traffic through its server and REPLACES your internet service provider so that everything (even programs, apps and games used without a browser) are run through the VPN servers, securing all of your data.

Many businesses use the VPN software because all their info (including info they need to keep private is automatically encrypted.
So even if it were possible to somehow intercept the data, it would be encrypted so no one could read it.

This means that even if their "competition" wanted to spy on them to see what they were doing their research on, they couldn't even tell what sites they visited.

When you use Strong VPN, you get the benefits of their high speed VPN servers. This comes with:

Price: $4.58 per month (for 1 year packages) 
7 day money back guarantee
A free trial
Zero charges for bandwidth
Completely private 100% anonymous surfing of all websites on the internet
1 Gbit network connectivity
Security for hotspot surfers
From within your secure customer area, you can easily switch VPN locations with just a click and of course, the blazing fast high speed internet connection is yours to enjoy.
Easy to install
24/7 quality technical support and customer service
Access previously banned or restricted websites
Unblock VOIP service
Flexible packages to suit your needs with flexible and affordable pay plans



How Does StrongVPN Work For You to Protect Your Online Privacy?

Strong VPNStrongVPN protects you in many ways.
Since one of the most COMMON ways hackers target their victims is through their IP ADDRESS, they won't be able to attack you, because they won't ever have the opportunity to see your IP address.


Because when you have a StrongVPN account, your IP address is shown as the StrongVPN IP address since you are connecting through StrongVPN instead of your ISP!

This means, you now have an extra FIREWALL of protection that the hackers can't penetrate.
They couldn't attack your computer if they tried.
The moment they tried to launch an attack against your IP address, they would find themselves trying to attack the robust servers at StrongVPN instead of your computer.

And the servers at StrongVPN are secure and protected by some of the leading engineers in the industry.
StrongVPN has been providing their services online since 1995, so in internet years, they have been around forever, so you can rest secure knowing they know what they are doing when it comes to providing protection.


What Are Some of the Other Benefits You Enjoy With Your StrongVPN Account?

Let's say you have to travel overseas for work or even vacation.
You visit your favorite website only to find a message that says you can't access it from that country.

So now what do you do?

VPN software


With StrongVPN, you can choose an IP address from anywhere in the world so you are never limited to what sites you can visit or where you can surf online.

There is literally no limit to the benefits of beings able to use the internet completely protected, completely secure, completely private... 100% completely anonymously!

Have you ever been on a blog or forum site where people were discussing some hot-button issues that you really wanted to express your opinion about without necessarily having your name tied to the comment forever?

There's nothing wrong with that. I know there have been quite a few times I wanted to speak my mind on a subject I was passionate about but didn't want it to ever come back to me professionally in case potential clients or business partners went to check up on me in the future.

With my StrongVPN account, I’m completely free to speak my mind and just let loose.
I can finally relax and be myself without having to put "my best foot forward" all the time or worrying what might be online that I don't want others to see.

You'll probably have your own ideas about how to best put your StrongVPN account to work for you once  you get it, but for me, the biggest reason I use StrongVPN is because of the simple freedom it gives me to use the internet 100% anonymously.

Nobody knows what sites I visit. Nobody knows what video I watch or what music I listen to... Unless I want them to know!

Talk about power and peace of mind
StrongVPN's VPN software gives you the power of privacy that should have always belonged to you and only you in the first place.

How Strong Is StrongVPN Customer Service?

IP address
 Let me give you a brief account of my experience with the customer service at StrongVPN.
I had a quick question about some of the ways I could use my account, so I went to the site provided to me as a StrongVPN software customer.
I was directed to type into the chat box and within 2 seconds after I finished typing the last letter of my question, the StrongVPN representative named Andrew appeared, letting me know that he was here to help me.

When I mentioned how much better I thought the uptime at StrongVPN is compared to other VPN Software services I've tried in the past, he replied with:

"We have a great number of customer compliments due to our 24 hour support, high speed VPN servers and our accounts being very configurable. We also guarantee 99.9% uptime of our servers, which is less than only 1 hour per entire month for system maintenance.
We do not limit speed at all on our servers, and have no bandwidth charges whatsoever. If a customer needs to get started, they can just let me know more about what country IP they need and I can suggest the perfect package."

- Andrew (Sales and Account) StrongVPN

I don't know about you, but just the ability to use the internet completely anonymously is enough for me to buy VPN software such as Strong VPN.
Even better, when I continued to ask Andrew questions, the way he professionally listened and fully answered each of my questions proved to me that he was very knowledgeable about all the technical aspects of VPN technology

But what probably impressed me the most about my StrongVPN customer service experience was how patient he was with answering each of my questions and the fact that he was genuinely concerned about my satisfaction as a customer.
When I thanked him for his help, he simply replied, "Of course. You're more than welcome. We're here to help."
After spending several minutes making sure I had all my questions answered and providing med links to additional resources I may be interested in, I knew he was sincere about his commitment to customer service.

The peace of mind that comes with knowing you can always ask a technical question to help you troubleshoot an issue or knowing you can ask a billing question you may have about your account goes a long way to winning my loyalty as a lifetime customer with a company.
I was curious about some of the ways StrongVPN customers use their account to see if I could get some good ideas to use for myself with my own account.
One of the links Andrew pointed me to actually contained a real time poll of StrongVPN customers asking them about their favorite ways to use their anonymous StrongVPN software online.
Here is the actual poll question and the real time results as of the time of this post: 

What is your favorite way to use your StrongVPN VPN software?

Accessing Facebook / Twitter
Streaming Netflix / Hulu / BBC
Securing your connection
Remaining anonymous
Total votes: 7365

another link contained access to the StrongVPN forums community to help customers.
Being curious, I checked out some of the questions and experiences of other StrongVPN customers.
The first one I saw was from a customer named Warren Sundquist.

He described how easy it was for him to install his router and had a question about the StrongVPN software regarding the order of installation.
He said the customer service replied immediately and sure enough, just like they said, it was a surprisingly easy install giving him the ability to use it right away.


What are the cons?

Even though my own experience with the VPN Software Strong VPN has been a dream, I thought maybe it was because I wasn't a particularly high maintenance customer and was just glad to be able to surf the web on the low like an invisible ninja.
But I began to wonder if others were enjoying the same quality experience with StrongVPN that I do.

And after reading review after review of only positive feedback from customers, my skeptical shopper type sensors started to buzz a little and I wondered if all the glowing feedback from satisfied customers was the only feedback the company showed, so I decided to dig a little deeper and find some dirt or something negative if I could.
I was just about to give up my hunt when I finally did find something negative in the forums.
But much to my relief, it was only a minor request and not really something that I'd consider a "deal breaker".
It was a post from a customer who said that although he was a happy customer for the most part, he noticed one new Super HD service that wasn't yet supported and wondered if there could be a deal made to include it in the future.
But that was more like a frill or extra icing on the cake instead of something that most people use anyway.

So apparently, like any service, there is still room to grow. But for the most part, I've got to say my experience with the StrongVPN product, customer service and company has been nothing short of amazing.


The bottom line

It's on the basis of these facts and personal experiences that I can give you a report that StrongVPN has earned its 5 out of 5 stars ratings and I highly recommend you start using StrongVPN for your own privacy and protection today and right now while it's still fresh on your mind.
Just think, in just a few moments, you can begin to surf the web 100% anonymously, enjoy complete privacy and be 100% certain your private personal details remain known only to you.

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